Fayston Town Meeting Warning 2011


The legal voters of the Town of Fayston are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Fayston Elementary School on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9:30 A.M. to transact the following business:

Article 1. To elect a Moderator for the year ensuing. David Jones’ term expires.

Article 2. To elect a Town Clerk for the year ensuing. Patti Lewis’ temporary appointment expires.

Article 3. To hear and act upon the reports of the Town Officers for the year 2010.

Article 4. To see if the Town will authorize the Selectboard to borrow money in anticipation of general revenue and with short term notes fund the Capital Budget.

Article 5. Shall the Town pay the Board of Selectmen’s expenses, and if so, how much?

Article 6. To assess a time of payment of several taxes (PROPERTY TAXES ARE DELINQUENT ON NOVEMBER 1).

Article 7. To elect a Treasurer for the year ensuing. Patti Lewis’ term expires.

Article 8. Shall the Town vote that the Town Treasurer collect current taxes?

Article 9. Shall the Town authorize the delinquent tax penalty rate of 8 %, 4% which is allocated to the town and 4% to the delinquent tax collector.

Article 10. To elect a Delinquent Tax Collector for a one year term. Virginia Vasseur’s term expires.

Article 11. To elect a Selectman for a three year term. Edward Read’s term expires.

Article 12. To elect a Lister for a three year term. Augusta Graves’s term expires.

Article 13. To elect a Second Constable for a one year term. Allen Tinker’s term expires.

Article 14. To elect a Cemetery Commissioner for a three year term. Zelda LaVanway’s term expires.

Article 15. To elect a Trustee of Public Money for a three year term. Debbie Jones’s term expires.

Article 16. To elect a Grand Juror for a one year term. David Jones’ term expires.

Article 17. To elect a Town Agent for a one-year term. David Olenick’s term expires.

Article 18. Shall the voters authorize a sum of money to pay debts, if any, and expenses of the Town of Fayston for the year ending December 31, 2011?

Article 19. Shall the voters authorize a donation to the Joslin Memorial Library in the amount of $13,395.00 for 2011?

Article 20. Shall the voters approve a sum of money not to exceed $30,000 to be drawn from the fund balance for the year ending 2010 for the purpose of culvert replacements on Town Highways?

Article 21. Shall the voters authorize the Selectmen to set the necessary tax rate after the Grand List has been completed and lodged in the Office of the Town Clerk?

Article 22. Shall the Town of Fayston continue to fill the office of first constable by appointment of the Selectboard rather than by election in accordance with Statutes, Title 17 V.S.A. Section 2651a?

Article 23. Shall the Town vote to start next year’s Town Meeting at 9:30 o’clock in the forenoon at the Fayston Elementary School?

Article 24. To transact any other business which may properly come before the meeting?


Robert Vasseur, Chair

Jared Cadwell

Edward Read

Dated this _______ day of January, 2011, at Fayston, Vermont

Patti Lewis, Appointed Fayston Town Clerk

Received and recorded this _________ day of January 2011.