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Fayston Town Survey

The Fayston Planning Commission has begun the process of reviewing the 2008 Fayston Town Plan, which sets policies for development and town initiatives. To remain valid, the Town Plan must be updated every five years, which means an amended version must be adopted by 2013.

The Town Plan is important for a number of reasons, including:

– It is necessary for developing and revising zoning, subdivision, and other regulations.
– It guides community initiatives in areas such as affordable housing, child care, recreation facilities, and conservation.
– It provides a standard for review at the state and regional levels, including Act 250.
– It provides a source of information for local boards, commissions, citizens and businesses.

The Town Plan is a reflection of the town’s vision for itself as it grows. The policies that are developed and set forth in the next Town Plan will determine how this growth will occur. For this Town Plan to be most effective, it needs to reflect the desires of Fayston’s residents and property owners.

Proposed new Fayston Land Use Regulations 11/7/11

2008 Town Plan

Interim Flood Hazard Regulation Public Hearing Notice