Town Clerk to Attend IIMC Conference

Patti Lewis will attend the International Institute of Municipal Clerks Annual Conference, Saturday May 16-21,2015 in Hartford, CT. This will be the first International Conference she has attended with a goal of continuing education points as she works toward her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Designation. To date there are five MMC’s in Vermont and it takes years of education points as well as years of service and involvement in other community or State Boards. She has served as the Vermont Municipal Clerk’s Association (VMCTA) Treasurer for eight years, graduated from the New England Municipal Clerk’s Institute and Academy (NEMCIA) after three years, went back to the Academy for two and sat on the Board of Directors for four years, earning her Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Designation in April 2014. She also holds the Vermont designations of Certified Vermont Clerk and Certified Vermont Treasurer.